I grabbed one and looked around in Simsan
2022.06.21 이원택
I grabbed one and looked around in Simsan, which will be used as a shift worker. In a hurry, Ttukbang
Beyond, a soldier who was loading onto the road came into sight. Squad
It was my soldier, Lee Jung-pil.
″Hey, hell″
″Come here. ″You said you wanted to see the night view″
Lee Jung-pil, Lee Byung-il`s nickname ″Jjopiri,″ ran. the rifles earned by the squad
If it was organized by exhibition, it would be Panzer Faust-3 vice president. Now that I see it, the fanzers behind my back
He carried a Faust canister. It`s just in time. He`s Panzer Pow
He carried a set of stradlers and night terraces.
″Let`s put down the Panzer 3 and look at the enemy here with me. 0 minute shifts
I`m looking at the night vision. All right.″
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